in memoriam

The maker of this website, Sjaak van der Leden, died on 23 februari in 2017 while traveling through Costa Rica.
We, his family, like to keep this site up and running in memory of his life.

The website is no longer updated after his death, so some details are no longer correct, such as his address, email address and telephone numbers. The data of 'available works' are no longer adjusted since Sjaak's death.
nformation about his work:

A book with images of Sjaak 's the paintings and the objects he made, is for sale at American Book Centre.
Book Sjaak van der Leden 1947-2017

And also a booklet with a selection from the hundreds of drawings in his many sketchbooks, of which Sjaak, like a Rottringpen, always carried one with him, is for sale at the American Book Center.

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